PROC PRINTTO procedure is used to redirect log output and procedure output to files or printers. To save the output in an external file, specify the external file or the fileref in the PROC PRINTTO statement. Syntax: PROC PRINTTO <options>; Options in Proc Printto LABEL= It provides a description for a SAS log or procedure… (0 comment)

Proc Summary in SAS: Explained
PROC SUMMARY in SAS procedures allows us to explore our data not only in terms of counts and distributions but also statistically.  Syntax: PROC SUMMARY DATA=libref.filename options; BY (or CLASS) variable-list; ID variable-list; VAR variable-list; TYPES variable-list; WAYS n; OUTPUT OUT=libref.filename(options) output statistic=variable-list/options; RUN; Options (partial list):  👉 MISSING – Treat missing values as a… (0 comment)

Proc Import in SAS
PROC IMPORT in SAS is used to read data to SAS. Reading data from an external file is the most frequent task of a SAS programmer. One thing to remember is that PROC IMPORT procedure can import data only that data type is supported by SAS. SAS can import only numeric and character data types.… (0 comment)

Ten Quick Uses of Proc Datasets
PROC DATASETS is a very useful SAS Procedure to manage, manipulate and modify your SAS datasets. it is more efficient than performing the same tasks with a Data Step. PROC DATASET is efficient because it does not need to read in or write observations of datasets to make modifications to it. PROC DATASET can perform… (0 comment)