SAS Procedures

proc datasets

Ten Quick Uses of Proc Datasets

PROC DATASETS is a very useful SAS Procedure to manage, manipulate and modify your SAS datasets. it is more efficient than performing the same tasks with a Data Step. PROC DATASET is efficient because it does not need to read in or write observations of datasets to make modifications to them.

Proc Print SAS

4 Little Tricks To Achieve The Best Results In PROC PRINT SAS.

The Proc PRINT procedure is used to print observations in a SAS data set using all or some of the variables, you can create dynamic reports with the help of proc print, which could include groups of the data and calculating totals and subtotals for numeric variables.


Using PROC RANK for ranking variables

Ranking of variables is often necessary to analyze the performance or gain an insight on which are the values are on top or at the bottom and by using PROC RANK procedure, there is no need to write complex code using PROC SORT, MACRO calls and DATA STEPS to rank or decile these scores or values.

Proc Formats

Proc Format in SAS

SAS user-defined formats allow you to assign labels to the values of variables. Formats can be assigned to a character or numeric variables.

Proc Transpose

Flipping the data using Proc Transpose

PROC TRANSPOSE provides the ability to go from a long dataset (where there are multiple rows for a given subject) to a wide dataset (where there are multiple columns for a subject).

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