SAS Data Access Functions

SAS Data Access Functions

The SAS data access functions OPEN(), FETCH(), FETCHOBS(), GETVARN(), GETVARC(), ATTRN(), ATTRNC(), VARNAME(), and CLOSE()] are powerful and under-used elements of the SAS programming language, with broad applications in both macro and DATA step contexts.

How to sort an array in SAS

How to sort an array in SAS?

While working on arrays in SAS, we may need to sort the array in ascending or descending order. In this post, I will demonstrate different methods and techniques you can use to sort an array in SAS.

IN operator in SAS macro

How to use the IN operator in SAS macro?

IN operator is used in the data step to replace multiple OR conditions. However, if you try to use IN Operator in SAS Macro then you will find that the IN operator is not available

eval and sysevalf

Exploring SAS Macro functions – Eval and Sysevalf

EVAL and SYSEVALF are the two macro functions that evaluate arithmetic expressions and logical expressions.Use the %Eval function to evaluate an arithmetic expression in SAS macro and use the %SYSEVALF function to evaluate floating-point arithmetic expressions.

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