Do you want to learn SAS programming advanced topics? These categories of courses include many of the Base and Advanced tutorials that would help you acquire more knowledge of data exploration and manipulation, predictive modelling using SAS, and some scenario-based examples for practice.

sas proc sql order by

How To Use The SAS Proc SQL Order By Statement?

Sorting is an important process when working with data. It allows you to organize the data in a way that makes it easier to work with and understand. There are a number of ways to sort data, but one of the most popular methods is SAS Proc SQL Order By.

Truncated String Comparison Operators

How to use Truncated String Comparison Operators In Proc SQL?

The dataset can use the Truncated String Comparison Operators (such as =:, >:, and <=:) for truncated string comparisons. However, you find that the Colon operator is not available in PROC SQL. In Proc SQL, you can use the Truncated String Operators such as EQT, GTT, LTT, GET, LET and NET.

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