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Determine the log of a variable in SAS

There are multiple logarithmic functions available to determine the log of a variable in SAS. The most used log functions are the natural and common log functions.

Append records to an existing file in SAS

The code illustrates how to append records to an existing file in SAS. It can be used to add text to the bottom of an existing file with the MOD option in the FILE statement.

How to Copy a file with SAS?

How to Copy a file with SAS?

Here is an example of a code that you can use to copies a file byte by byte. It copies the content byte-by-byte so it can be used to copy any file, even pictures! This will work on both Unix and Windows and it’s great for copying files from your SAS session to a place outside of SAS, or vice versa.

SAS Data Access Functions

SAS Data Access Functions

The SAS data access functions OPEN(), FETCH(), FETCHOBS(), GETVARN(), GETVARC(), ATTRN(), ATTRNC(), VARNAME(), and CLOSE()] are powerful and under-used elements of the SAS programming language, with broad applications in both macro and DATA step contexts.

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