Here is the collection of the SAS programs. These SAS programming examples will help you learn and understand various concepts in SAS.

How to Copy datasets in SAS?

How to Copy datasets in SAS?

You can use high-level procedures PROC COPY and PROC DATASETS for moving and copying SAS datasets between libraries.They provide much more control over what data sets you want to move and this approach is more efficient.

truncate Decimals in SAS

How to truncate Decimals in SAS?

Sometimes you may need to truncate numeric values to a specified number of decimal places without rounding. In this article, you will learn to truncate decimals in SAS, without rounding.

round numbers in sas

How to Round Numbers in SAS?

The ROUND function rounds the numbers to the nearest multiple of the rounding factor. Round up or ceil in SAS uses ceil() function which rounds up the column in SAS. Round down in SAS or floor in SAS uses floor() function which rounds down.

column value from column name

Get column value from column name

There are times when we need to use the attributes like the column value from the column name or format of a variable within a data set. The VValue and Vvaluex functions can be used to return the format and/or value of a variable or a string within the data step.

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