proc SQL create table

Creating Tables using Proc SQL

This article will show you how to create tables using Proc SQL.

The proc SQL create table statement allows you to create tables without rows from …

BASE SAS Tutorials

Yearcutoff System Option

The Yearcutoff System Option in SAS

The YEARCUTOFF= option lets you specify what century SAS should assign to dates when two-digit years are used.

The default year cutoff is 1926. However, you …

specify list of variables in sas

How To Specify List Of Variables In SAS?

In SAS, you can quickly specify a list of variables in SAS statements like KEEP and DROP statements, the ARRAY statement, and the OF operator for comma-separated arguments to …

Advanced SAS Tutorials

Sas Data Step Merge Explained

SAS Data Step Merge Explained

This article explains the data step merge in SAS, including the meaning of a merge, the preliminary prerequisites for every dataset obtained in a merge, …


How to Create Bar Charts in SAS?

How to Create Bar Charts in SAS?

This article explains creating a Bar Charts in SAS with the SGPLOT procedure.

A bar chart is one of the most commonly used charts. It shows …

One Way Anova in SAS

One Way Anova in SAS

The ANOVA, or analysis of variance, basically analyses the different estimates by utilising the F-distribution to evaluate if the population means are equal or not.

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