SAS Length Function: LENGTH is a character function in SAS  used to find the length of the character string. There are 4 variations available in SAS to find the length of a string. These are the LENGTH, LENGTHN, LENGTHC and LENGTHM. The primary objective of all the length function is to return the length of the string however there are few variations in how these functions work and return the length.… (1 comment)

Column Input in SAS
The column Input in SAS is one of the methods to read raw data files that have spaces or other delimiters between all the values or periods for missing numeric data. Advantages of Column input in SAS Column input has the following advantages over list input: Spaces are not required between values Missing values can… (0 comment)

SAS Generation Datasets
What are SAS Generation Datasets? SAS generation datasets are historical copies of a SAS data set. You can request SAS to keep multiple copies of a SAS data set by using the generations feature.Generation datasets are useful for backup and recovery a specific data set, comparing two or more data sets for audit purposes. Read… (0 comment)