Creating macro variables from SAS dataset
Macro variables in SAS are used extensively for reusing codes. You can create a multi-usable program in which analysis of variables can be controlled by updating the values of macro variables. SAS provides an elegant solution to overcome these problems with the CALL SET routine. You can convert data step variables into macro variables with a few lines of code using the %SYSCALL SET routine. This routine also allows you to convert and process one observation of data step variables at a time thus saving memory usage.… (0 comment)

Data set Options in SAS
In SAS the data set is the most important part of analyses, and it is crucial that you know all sorts of things about the data. SAS has a multitude of data set options which will help you to accomplish your goals while working with the datasets. Data set options are used to modify how a data set is either read or written. There are over three dozen of these options, and while you will generally only make use of a hand full of them, you should have a good idea of their scope.… (0 comment)

Import data into SAS
Importing data into SAS is one of the basic concepts you need to know in order to work with data manipulation or analytics. SAS can read data from almost any source. Common data sources can be raw text files, Microsoft Office Excel spreadsheets, Access databases, and some of the popular database systems such as DB2 and Oracle.… (0 comment)

History of SAS software
The term “SAS” (pronounced as SASS) originally stands for Statistical Analysis System. History of SAS Software begins in the late ‘60s and early ‘70s as a statistical package which was developed at North Carolina State University by James Goodnight, Anthony Barr and John Sall, to analyse the agricultural data to improve crop yields. SAS is a… (0 comment)

Working with SAS libraries
Every SAS file is stored in a SAS library, which is a collection of SAS files such as SAS data sets and catalogs. In the Windows and UNIX environments, a SAS library is typically a group of SAS files in the same folder or directory. … (0 comment)