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9to5sas SAS tutorials allow you to extend your knowledge in SAS. Our step by step SAS tutorials are easy to understand and follows the best coding practices. Don’t waste your time buying books that cover just the basics. These SAS tutorials contain examples, tips, and hacks to learn SAS faster.

Proc Sort Options in SAS

Proc Sort Options in SAS

Sorting the data is always a resource-intensive operation. Therefore, using PROC SORT efficiently can save you both time and computing resources.
There are a number of options associated with PROC SORT that can be used not only to control the performance and capabilities of the procedure but also to the resulting data set.

English Conversation About Computer
English Conversation About Computer
Retain In SAS

Using RETAIN in SAS to remember values

RETAIN in SAS is used to “remember” values from previous observations. Variables that do not come from SAS data sets are, by default, set to a missing value during each iteration of the DATA step.

Operators and Numeric Functions

SAS Numeric functions and Operators

SAS Numeric functions are used to carry out tasks such as rounding numbers, computing dates from month-day-year values, summing and averaging the values of SAS variables, and many more.

Learn SAS free

How to learn SAS Programming online for free?

9to5sas is a comprehensive online resource featuring free content exclusively for students interested in learning SAS. You can go by the 6-week learning guide and turn yourself right into a proficient SAS programmer.

Data set Options in SAS

Data set Options in SAS

In SAS the data set is the most important part of analyses, and it is crucial that you know all sorts of things about the data.
SAS has a multitude of data set options which will help you to accomplish your goals while working with the datasets.
Data set options are used to modify how a data set is either read or written. There are over three dozen of these options, and while you will generally only make use of a hand full of them, you should have a good idea of their scope.

Import Data into SAS

Methods to Import data into SAS

Importing data into SAS is one of the basic concepts you need to know in order to work with data manipulation or analytics. SAS can read data from almost any source. Common data sources can be raw text files, Microsoft Office Excel spreadsheets, Access databases, and some of the popular database systems such as DB2 and Oracle.

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