How to Delete Macro Variables in SAS?

To delete SAS macro variables, you can use the %SYMDEL statement or the CALL SYMDEL routine.

%SYMDEL and CALL SYMDEL is a data step call routine that is used to delete macro variables from the global symbol table.

How to Delete a single macro variable?

You can use both methods to delete a macro variable.

Delete a macro variable with the CALL SYMDEL  Routine

To delete a macro variable using the CALL SYMDEL, use the macro variable name within quotes in the Call routine.


CALL SYMDEL(macro-variable<, option>);


%let mvar = xyz;
data _null_;
	call symdel('mvar');

Note that CALL SYMDEL issues a warning when an attempt is made to delete a non-existent macro variable. To suppress this message, use the NOWARN option. call symdel('mvar')

Delete a macro variable with the %SYMDEL Macro Statement

The %SYMDEL routine deletes the specified variable from the macro global symbol table.


%SYMDEL variable-name ;

%SYMDEL statement gives a warning when an attempt is made to delete a non-existent macro variable. To suppress this warning in the log, you can use the NOWARN option.

%symdel variable-name / nowarn;


%let mname = ABC;
%put &mname;
%symdel mname;
%put &mname

Key Takeaway

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