SAS Quiz for Beginners

Beginner’s SAS Quiz is for freshers or those who have started learning SAS. This SAS Quiz has multiple-choice questions (MCQs), which will test your basic understanding of the SAS programming language.

Try your knowledge on our SAS quiz. You have a total of 120 seconds to complete the quiz that is 20 seconds for each question. So answer these randomly chosen SAS question as soon as possible because time is running out.

Click on the answer you think is most nearly correct.


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Subhro Kar is an Analyst with over five years of experience. As a programmer specializing in SAS (Statistical Analysis System), Subhro also offers tutorials and guides on how to approach the coding language. His website, 9to5sas, offers students and new programmers useful easy-to-grasp resources to help them understand the fundamentals of SAS. Through this website, he shares his passion for programming while giving back to up-and-coming programmers in the field. Subhro’s mission is to offer quality tips, tricks, and lessons that give SAS beginners the skills they need to succeed.