SAS Programs

How To..?

  1. How to delete datasets in SAS?
  2. How to create folders in SAS?
  3. How to add leading zeros in SAS?
  4. How to Password protect SAS datasets?
  5. How to save the SAS log to an external file?
  6. How to exit from a SAS data step or a Program?
  7. How to find values in one table that are in another table?
  8. How to delete labels and formats from SAS variables?
  9. How to Delete Macro Variables in SAS?
  10. How to use the IN operator in SAS macro?
  11. Ways to count the number of observations in a SAS dataset and pass it into a macro variable
  12. How to Copy a file with SAS?
  13. 6 methods to reorder Variables in SAS Data Set
  14. How To Specify List Of Variables In SAS?
  15. How to Calculate Column Total in SAS?

SAS Programs?

Here is the collection of SAS program examples. These SAS programming examples will help you to learn various concepts in SAS.

  1. Retrieve file size or last-modified date of an external file
  2. Generating sum of rolling data Using the Lag function
  3. Removing dashes and parentheses from phone numbers
  4. Macro To check if a variable exists in the SAS dataset
  5. Generating Multiple Excel Files
  6. Count of missing and non-missing values for each variable in a SAS data set
  7. Changing the Case of All Character Variables in a Data Set (Using Arrays)
  8. Randomly select character values for each observation
  9. Generating sum of rolling data Using the Lag function
  10. Generate all permutations of elements in SAS
  11. Append records to an existing file in SAS
  12. Determine the log of a variable in SAS
  13. Importing Multiple Excel Files To Create A Single SAS Dataset
  14. Check If A Specified Object Exists
  15. 5 Techniques Of Finding Paths Or Locations In SAS
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