Proc Summary in SAS

Proc Summary in SAS: Explained

PROC SUMMARY in SAS procedures allows us to explore our data not only in terms of counts and distributions but also statistically. 



PROC FREQ in SAS is a procedure for analyzing the count of data. It is used to obtain frequency counts for one or more individual variables or to create two-way tables (cross-tabulations) from two variables.

Business Analytics

Business Analytics Definition and Overview

Business analytics is a set of statistical and operations research techniques, artificial intelligence, information technology and management strategies used for framing a business problem,, collecting data, and analysing the data to create value to organizations.

Proc Tabulate

Learn how to create Summary Reports using PROC Tabulate

The Proc Tabulate procedure is used to create tables in SAS. Unlike Proc FREQ, this procedure can handle multiple variables in the row and column expressions. PROC TABULATE has a number of statements that define how this procedure will summarize the data.

Proc Means in SAS

Using PROC MEANS for detailed analysis of data

PROC MEANS in SAS is used to evaluate quantitative data and to create a summary report for analysis. Using PROC MEANS procedure, you can compute statistics like finding mean, standard deviation, the minimum and maximum values and a lot more statistical calculations.

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