MSGLEVEL System Option

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MSGLEVEL system option specifies the level of detail in messages that are written to the SAS log.



N – It is to print notes, warnings, and error messages only.

I – Specify this to print additional notes of index usage, merge processing, sort utilities, data type conversion, along with the standard notes, warnings, and error messages.

Index Processing – If MSGLEVEL=I, SAS writes informative information about index processing to the SAS log. 

In general, when a WHERE expression is executed for a data set with indexes, the following information appears in the SAS log:

If an index is used, a message appears that indicates the name of the index.

If an index is not used, but one exists that could optimize at least one condition in the WHERE expression, messages provide suggestions that describe what you can do to influence SAS to use the index.

Merge Processing – If MSGLEVEL=I, SAS writes a warning to the SAS log when a MERGE statement would cause variables to be overwritten.

Queries by an application: If MSGLEVEL=I and a data set is copied to a SAS library whose engine does not support the VARCHAR data type, SAS writes a message to the SAS log for each variable whose data type was converted from VARCHAR to CHAR.

If MSGLEVEL=N, one message is written to the SAS log to indicate that the data type for multiple variables was changed from VARCHAR to CHAR.

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