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How to exit from a SAS data step or a Program?

There are a number of statements, options, functions, and programming alternatives that are well suited to controlling how and when all or a portion of a program can be stopped conditionally. Sometimes we want to control the flow of the individual data steps of the program. This may include the termination of a step or even the SAS job itself. There are several exit strategies depending on the objective.

sas password protect dataset

How to Password protect SAS datasets ?

Password Protecting SAS datasets means using access control on your data to prevent unintended access and secure your data. SAS has provided three levels of Access controls over the data and is implemented using passwords.

Symdel in SAS

How to delete datasets in SAS?

Deleting all data sets in a library is a very simple task. To delete all datasets in a library, specify the Work library in the PROC DATASET procedure statement, and specify the KILL option. 

How to create folders in SAS?

How to create folders using SAS?

To create folders in SAS, there are a variety of system options, functions, and commands that you can use.  These tools can be automated to perform repetitive routine tasks and which avoid manual work and save a great deal of time.

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