Advanced SAS

Welcome to Advanced SAS Programming.

This category of articles contains articles on PROC SQL, SAS Macros and Advanced SAS Programming Tips & Tricks.

Getting Started

SAS is one of the few most used platforms of data analytics in the world. Improve your SAS programming skillset by Accessing Data Using SQL, Macro Processing and Advanced Programming Techniques.

Articles on PROC SQL

PROC SQL is a powerful Base SAS Procedure that combines the functionality of DATA and PROC steps into a single step.

PROC SQL can sort, summarize, subset, join (merge), and concatenate datasets, create new variables, and print the results or create a new table or view all in one step!

Get Started With SAS Macros

Macros allow you to execute a set of SAS statements with just one statement, and while this alone can be helpful, macros are even more powerful when you add parameters to them.

Advanced SAS Programming Techniques

In this section, you can learn Advanced SAS Programming. It includes many of the Base and Advanced tutorials which would help you to acquire more knowledge of data exploration and manipulation, predictive modelling using SAS along with some scenario-based examples for practice.

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